November 12, 2022

Universal intercoms are one step closer to being a reality

Universal intercoms are one step closer to being a reality

Big news from EICMA on the universal intercom front.
Cliffnotes version – there’s an industry agreement in place between a few big comms brands (Cardo/Uclear/Midlands) to a) allow for inter-brand communication between brands in place of the dreaded ‘Universal Pairing’ and b) standardize integrated comms in helmet brands.

This could mean things get a lot easier in the future, and less of the "what brand intercom/bluetooth device should I buy" posts on social media.

Check out the pres release below...

Following the announcement of two joint projects between the leaders in the motorcycle wireless communication industry, which aims to eliminate cross-brand intercom incompatibilities, key members met to celebrate the initiatives at EICMA, the premier motorcycle expo in Milan.

The new ‘Open Bluetooth Intercom’ (OBI) standard and the ‘Universal Communication Solution’ (UCS) were launched earlier this year – with Cardo Systems, Midland and UCLEAR Digital the key brands in driving forward the consumer-focussed solutions.

Alon Lumbroso, Chief Executive Officer, Cardo Systems said: “Over the last few years, we have been working closely with representatives from Midland, UCLEAR and Sygn House with the sole focus of enabling riders across the world to fully experience the joy of using a communicator while riding. EICMA provided the perfect backdrop, as the biggest show in the world dedicated to two wheels, to celebrate the milestones we’ve achieved so far and to talk about future developments.”

Gabriele Torreggiani, Vice President of Midland Europe, comments: “Being an active part in this partnership fills us with pride. The goal is important and sets aside the competition between competitors. Together we will guarantee a better ride experience for all motorcyclists by responding to their need to communicate in a cross-device and open technology to everyone, without compromising and without limits. A really important innovation, which we will announce together at EICMA. Which better time to do it?”

S.K. Hui,  CEO of BITwave Pvt. Ltd and UCLEAR Digital brand owner, states: “UCLEAR has supported the concept of open Bluetooth intercom standard for many years because it’s what our customers want, and what they deserve.  OBI allows seamless intercom interoperability between brands, and improves overall performance and reliability.  Customers will enjoy more choice and less frustration.  It’s just the right thing to do.”

Open Bluetooth Intercom (OBI)

An agreement between Cardo Systems, Midland and UCLEAR, OBI is an open industry-wide Bluetooth Intercom standard, helping to overcome many of the common frustrations experienced with traditional ‘universally connected’ devices, ultimately allowing for seamless cross-brand Bluetooth Intercom connectivity.

OBI is already supported in the following 2022 lines from Cardo: Spirit, Freecom X, and Packtalk line and is available to download as an over-the-air update.

Universal Communication Solution (UCS)

Cardo Systems, Midland, UCLEAR and Sygn House (owners of the B+Com brand) announced an industry-wide solution to integrated helmet communication devices – ‘Universal Communication Solution’. The solution will allow motorcyclists the freedom to choose, change and replace communication devices without compromising on fit and looks.

Much in the same way that the Automakers and car stereo manufacturers adopted universal car stereo sizing and mounts (DIN/Double DIN Standard), the Universal Communication Solution standardizes communication systems size, and shape, allowing for integrated fitment in new motorcycle helmets, meeting the new ECE 22.06 standards.

Be sure to visit the Cardo Systems stand at EICMA – Hall 13 M77, the Midland stand – Hall 13 168 and the UCLEAR Digital stand – Hall 22 Stand G28 –  to see the full line-up of communication devices and ask knowledgeable staff more about the partnerships.