February 16, 2024

Triumph Tiger 1200 Updates for 2024

Triumph Tiger 1200 Updates for 2024

Triumph Motorcycles has announced an updated Tiger 1200.

In a press briefing earlier this week, Triumph representatives went to great lengths to impress the new level of refinement and superior low speed control, whilst retaining the exciting and unmistakable triple character from its T plane crank.

Triumph says they have enhanced the all-day comfort of the Tiger 1200 for customers looking for long-distance touring capability. The engine itself is now even smoother and more refined, thanks to a revised engine balancing strategy, which improves comfort through all the key rider touchpoints.

The dampened handlebars and risers, which previously were only standard fitment to the Explorer models, have also been introduced to the GT Pro and Rally Pro, delivering a smoother ride with increased mirror visibility.

The rider seat has been re-designed with a flatter profile, providing more space for the rider which will help reduce fatigue on longer trips. The accessory low seat, which reduces the seat position by 20mm to give the lowest seat height of 830mm on the GT Pro and 855mm on the Rally Pro, has also been designed to be significantly more comfortable. A longer clutch lever has also been introduced, providing increased space for riders’ fingers adding further comfort, especially on longer journeys.

Triumph has also increased the cornering ground clearance of the Tiger 1200 GT Pro and GT Explorer models, by lifting the footpeg positions and moving them closer to the bike. The new Active Preload Reduction feature, which was revealed in August 2023, offers the rider greater confidence by reducing the rear suspension preload as the Tiger 1200 slows to a stop, lowering the seat height by up to 20mm, simply by pressing the ‘Home’ button on the switch cube for one second.

As with any facelift or line refresh, it wouldn't be complete without some bold new graphics. The Tiger 1200 is now available in four variants, with new colors for 2024. The Tiger 1200 GT Pro and GT Explorer, are now available in eye-catching Carnival Red, as well as the previous options of Snowdonia White and Sapphire Black.
The Tiger 1200 Rally Pro and Rally Explorer, are available in new Matt Sandstorm, and Jet Black options, as well as the popular Matt Khaki.