July 4, 2023

Triumph Secures Guinness World Record

Triumph Secures Guinness World Record

Triumph Global Ambassador Iván Cervantes, 5x Enduro World Champion and Triumph Global Ambassador has officially claimed the Guinness World Record for ‘The greatest distance on a motorcycle in 24 hours (individual)’.

Over 24 hours at Italy’s High-Speed Ring at the Nardò Technical Center, and astride Triumph’s Tiger 1200 GT Explorer - equipped with a handy 30-litre fuel capacity - Cervantes stormed around the ring for a total of 4012km. The previous record, set by American was achieved by American Carl Reese on 26th February 2017, stood at 3406km, seeing Cervantes and Triumph smash it by more than 600km. In terms of average speeds for the attempts, Reese’s ride saw him averaging a speed of 141.9km/h over the 24hours while Cervantes’  average speed was 167.79km/h.

To put that distance into a travel perspective, the distance is equivalent to travelling from London to the Great Pyramid in Egypt (or Wellington to Cape Reiega four times) in just 24 hours.

‘The Tiger 1200 GT Explorer was the perfect bike for this attempt,” Cervantes explained. “It’s very comfortable to ride for a long time. For sure, the hardest part was the weather, because it started to rain, but this bike has a very big screen and excellent protection, which helped me a lot. It is a very special bike for me. It’s not easy to ride for 24 hours in a row but, in the end, the record is mine with this amazing bike!”

The record attempt was witnessed and validated by a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS adjudicator on 30th April 2023, with a final confirmed distance of 4012.53km.

Triumph’s CEO, Nick Bloor, was understandably thrilled to etch the Triumph name on the record book.

“Iván’s achievement in taking the Guinness World Records title on the Tiger 1200 is simply incredible,” he said. “His determination and perseverance have led him not only to beat the existing record, but to add almost 20% to the distance travelled in 24 hours. An outstanding effort, and one that everyone at Triumph is incredibly proud to have supported.”

According to Triumph, the bike used for the attempt was a Tiger 1200 GT Explorer, chosen at random from the production line at Triumph’s factory in Hinckley, UK. No special modifications were made to the bike, other than completing the recommended running in and first service before the attempt.