November 29, 2021

Tested | Stylmartin Kansas Sneakers

Tested | Stylmartin Kansas Sneakers

When you commute every single day of the week, pulling on and belting up big adventure boots becomes a chore. So I went looking for something I could wear all day, without obviously being clumpy big motorcycle boots. I think it's important to have some protection while on the bike though, so finding a product to fit my criteria is a pretty big ask.

I think Stylmartin nailed the brief.

The Stylmartin Kansas sneaker is a casual urban riding motorcycle sneaker that can easily be worn all day around the office. It's comfortable and breathable enough to be classed as a standard shoe. But still offers a little ankle support and protection for the foot on the bike. They sit at the intersection of Functionality, comfort and style. They're what I would call a "High Top", offering a little support and protection for the ankle, but not as hard out as a motorbike boot that comes most of the way up to the knee. They come with 2 sets of lases, white, and fluro-green/black. Because I'm a sucker for the fluro accents, I went for the latter.

They're actually my favorite sneakers regardless of whether I'm riding a motorbike that day or not. The outer layer is made of a water repellent fabric, and greased leather, while the inner lining is waterproof and breathable, There is also internal malleolus protection on both sides and the tips of the shoes have a leather overlay for your gear lever.

What more can I say about them? they simply tick all the boxes. Quite often when something is good it does what it's meant to do. It doesn't stand out, annoy or irritate, it just flys beneath the radar. These sneakers do just that. I'm happy to put them on in the morning and ride to work, walk around all day in them, then get on the bike and ride home. And I reckon they look the part.

Stylmartin does a few different variants also, but the Kansas was my personal choice.
For more info, check our Eurobike Wholesale's website HERE or ask for them by name from your local bike shop.