July 7, 2022

Winter Riding Tips | See and Be Seen

Winter Riding Tips | See and Be Seen

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While riding in winter, increase your visibility and following distance.
Increasing visibility simply means looking further down the road, helping you recognize hazards before they occur.  Increased visibility allows you to react to a potential threat well in advance, and this is more important in winter when traction is limited due to the cold roads. A rule of thumb is always to look as far ahead as you can and anticipate any hazards.

Think about your position on the road. Position yourself so you can be seen. But also think about the contact patch of your tyres. Riding in the wheel tracks of the vehicles in front of you is a good idea to avoid any wet and oily patches.

As for following distance, open it up. I maintain a few car lengths of space ahead of me, allowing me to react to hazards while still being smooth on the brakes. And think about an exit plan for any situation you find yourself in. think “if this person does that, where do I go?”Remember that not only does your motorcycle have a harder time braking on slippery winter roads, so do other cars. Let the car tailgating you pass by.
Some sources say wearing a high vis vest is a good idea, especially in low light conditions.

Consider a Ride Forever course in the winter months. There is a lot to learn, and you don't know what you don't know.