August 7, 2023

Rev'It Offtrack 2 H2O Jacket & Pants

Rev'It Offtrack 2 H2O Jacket & Pants

In my pursuit of warm, protective, and waterproof motorcycling gear for commuting and weekend riding, I've tried a lot of equipment. Generally testing out the cheaper stuff. But, I recently bit the bullet and grabbed a set of the more expensive Rev'It Off Track 2 H2O gear. Until now, though the Rev'It brand has been attractive, I didn't see the point in spending big bucks on what appeared to be a brand with some really good marketing, but questions about its quality. I was lucky that Rev'It NZ agreed to send me this set at no cost, for me to test out and share my thoughts with you.
The sizing was the same as my Rev'It dirt series gear, so I sent them my sizing from that gear and this arrived. I was skeptical it would be any better than the gear I've tried previously... everything seems to leak in the crotch after between 1 and 3 months. But, I am honestly surprised.

Fit and Comfort
WOW, this gear is actually the most comfortable gear I've ever worn. From the first time I tried it on, it's been excellent. it fits perfectly. The pants have built-in and removable knee protection. Generally, I find pants with this sort of arrangement disappointing the knee pads move around, and I'm continually adjusting them. the kneepads in the H20 gear work and stay in place. I can put the pants on, and after 20 minutes of faffing around, walking around my garage etc they're still sitting perfectly on my knees. I've been riding lately in as low as 3 degrees on the cold winter mornings, and the layers in the pants and jacket work incredibly well. I am warm and protected. When I get to work, I often don't want to take the gear off.

There are guards on the knees, elbows, and shoulders, and there is provision for an aftermarket back protector in the jacket. The outer shell is durable, made of ripstop Cordura, and should last well.

I've ridden in some pretty torrential downpours this winter, and I'm happy to say, I've been waterproof and warm the whole time.
the outer shell stops most of the water from getting in, which keeps the gear from soaking up all the water and becoming heavy. it dries out pretty quickly too.
Any water that does make it through the outer shell is stopped in its tracks by the inner waterproof layer. 3 months in and so far so good. no complaints. I get to work and don't look like I've pissed myself, which is the whole aim of the game.

This Offtrack 2 H2O gear feels like quality. For the price of it, you would expect that. There is velcro on the pockets which may start wearing out depending on how much use it sees. but overall I'm very impressed with the quality. it feels great and is comfortable and hard-wearing. plus it does what it says on the box.

The jacket has internal pockets and two large external pockets which have not let water in as yet.
The pants have lap pockets and thigh pockets. More than enough space for a wallet, phone, and keys.  

IO guess there is a reason NZ Police all wear Rev'It right? they're on the bike all the time and need good-fitting, hard-wearing gear that does what it says on the box.
I'm converted. no longer will I muck around at the bottom end of the spectrum. My go-to is now Rev'It or higher. I am impressed. if your budget stretches this far. reach for Rev'It. you won't be disappointed.

High density polyester 600D outershell with PWR|Shell ripstop and softshell panels
Detachable 3L Hydratex® 100% waterproof jacket, wearable outside or inside the jacket
Detachable thermal liner
SEEFLEX™ CE-Level 2 protectors at the shoulders and elbows
Prepared for SEESOFT™ CE-Level 2 back protector and chest protector
Ventilation panels on chest
Long and short connection zippers