September 7, 2022

Quadlock announces new product range

Quadlock announces new product range

Source: Quadlock Press Release

For over ten years, Quad Lock has provided millions around the world with a trustworthy case to mount their phone to their bicycle, motorcycle, car, boat, helicopters and so much more. Now, the premium solution in phone mounting has elevated its system to another level.

Introducing Quad Lock MAGTM, a brand new range led by a MagSafe compatible phone case that is thinner and flatter than the original Quad Lock Case.

Now customisable, the Quad Lock MAGTM case can be transformed using any of the six coloured magnetic rings – colours include blue, grey, red, orange, green, and pink to add an element of uniqueness to an everyday essential.

With existing Quad Lock users in mind, Quad Lock ensured that the new case is compatible with all existing Quad Lock mounts, allowing customers to mount their phones securely for every adventure.

Statement from Chris Peters, CIO and Co-Founder of Quad Lock:

“Quad Lock has proven itself over the past 10 years to be the most durable, and reliable way to securely mount your smartphone. Quad Lock MAG is an evolution of our system which we have developed to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers and technology.

With the introduction of Quad Lock MAG, we now offer quick and convenient magnetic mounting for everyday life as well as our secure twist lock mounting for every adventure. It’s the best of both Worlds in a single case!”

The Quad Lock MAGTM range includes two new Quad Lock MAGTM Heads in both a wireless charging and standard version. The new Quad Lock MAGTM Heads feature accurate alignment in both portrait and landscape, added shear resistance over ordinary MagSafe products and fast wireless charging (for the wireless charging option of course).

To add to this collection, Quad Lock has also released 4 new mounts.

Adding to the Car Range are the Quad Lock Vent Mount and Adhesive Dash/Console Mount. Joining the already renowned Windscreen Suction mount, these three options provide Quad Lock customers with endless phone mounting possibilities.

Alongside the new car mounts, the introduction of Quad Lock MAGTM sees two new premium wireless charging options for the home or office. The Dual Desktop Wireless Charger and Wireless Charging Pad have built-in magnets for perfect alignment, allowing users to fast charge their phone with added convenience.