March 8, 2022

A new Cardo Packtalk unit could be on the horizon.

A new Cardo Packtalk unit could be on the horizon.

Since having a play with the new Cardo Freecom X and Spirit HD I thought I would put to you my predictions for the new Cardo Packtalk.

Now, I know nothing. This is just me putting forward my best guesses. I've had no official word from Cardo or the NZ distributor Darbi/, but I'm hearing whispers, and possibly putting 1 and 1 together to come up with 5. Since using the Freecom X and Spirit HD, and being surprised at how much clearer and better they are than the current Cardo flagship product, the Packtalk, I just can't see them not updating it soon, and throwing in some extra features. That said, this is all conjecture.

At a guess, I would say we will see a new Packtalk from Cardo by June 2022. The only issue with this is that I notice a lot of products coming with a "Made in Ukraine" sticker on them. this might throw a spanner in the works, as we all know what's happening there at the moment. They might just have some bigger fish to fry.

This new Cardo Packtalk will likely come with a USB-C port, fast charge, and longer battery life. I would say they will be retaining the JBL speakers, but some new sound profiles, possibly an equalizer in the Cardo app. I'd say we will see them do away with the "DMC" branding in favor of calling it "Live Intercom" to keep in line with the Freecom X. 1.6km is still a good range, so that will likely stay, although they might boost it out to 2km to "keep up with the Joneses" (Sena 50 series currently touts 2km of range). However, they will still be the only fully waterproof intercom on the market.

I wouldn't be surprised if we see a new form factor also, bringing the overall size down and sharing the same mounting plates as the Freecom X and Spirit HD also.

The downside to all this tech, and of course is the price will likely increase, I would say you'll be seeing a twin pack of the new Cardo Packtalk coming in around the $1300 mark here in NZ making room below that for the Freecom X and Spirit lines.

Honestly, anything else will just be a bonus. I'm really looking forward to the next few months and seeing what Cardo have up their sleeves. They are hands down the best option for motorcycle intercoms currently.