September 27, 2021

October is Motorcycle Awareness Month

October is Motorcycle Awareness Month

October is Motorcycle Awareness Month here in New Zealand.

It's the month where the weather warms up enough for motorcyclists all over the country to dust off their machines, catch up with their mates and get out there on their motorcycles. Usually held in September to coincide with the first month of Spring, this first month of the riding season is generally where ACC sees a significant spike in motorcycle-related injuries. This year MAM was postponed to October due to the latest Covid-19 outbreak.

For Motorcycle Awareness Month 2021, our very own Ray Heron joins the likes of Avalon Biddle, Andrew Stroud, Dave Moss, and Chris Hurren as an ambassador.
During each episode of Kiwi Rider Podcast in October, he will be interviewing some of NZ's fastest riders, and international gurus about what we can do to ensure our bike are safe, our gear is up to scratch, and what little nuggets of information we use to ensure we can ride forever. These interviews will also be available in video format right here on

Motorcycle Awareness Month 2021 runs for the entire month of October and is split into 4 weeks, each with a different theme.
Week 1 is a celebration of all things motorcycling, and who better to talk to than legendary racer and the man who pilots the Britten V1000, Andrew Stroud.

Week 2 is all about fine-tuning your skills and brought to you by someone who has fine-tuned her skills to become an NZ number 1, Avalon Biddle.

Week 3 is dedicated to making sure your gear is up to scratch, and we will be talking to Dr Chris Hurren from Deakin University, about the work he does with MotoCap. How they test gear, what makes good gear, and how to identify when your gear should be replaced.

And finally, week 4 is all about making sure you and your bike are ride-ready. We will be talking to suspension and motorcycle ergonomics tuning wizard Dave Moss.

Typically, there are loads of other events associated with Motorcycle Awareness Month, however this year, due to the COVID situation, many of these have been postponed.

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