January 13, 2022

Most sold motorcycles of 2021

Most sold motorcycles of 2021

The numbers are in from NZTA and we know how many of each bike was sold last year.

Out of the 607 different motorbike makes and models sold in NZ last year, it's not really a surprise to see Suzuki at the top of the table with the outgoing and ever-popular DR650SE. 358 units sold and registered on the roads in NZ in 2021. In fact, Suzuki took out the top 3 places, with the GSX250 in 2nd and the GN125 in 3rd. look for some change in these placings for the year ending 2022, as the GN125 and DR650 did not receive an ABS upgrade and so can no longer be registered on NZ roads.

The top 10 places on the table are all taken up by LAMS bikes, with the Royal Enfield Himalayan, KTM 360 Duke, Adventure, and the Honda CMX500.

The first larger capacity bike on the table is the KTM 890 Adventure R coming in at 11th, with 99 units sold, which is not bad considering it's only been on sale in NZ since April.

Yamaha's super popular LAMS bike the MT07 has dropped considerably, to 17th, and Harley-Davidson's Softail enters the table at 20th.

Looking at the figures and how the numbers start with a hiss and a roar at the start of 2021, but tail off quickly, tells a tale of lack of supply, rather than demand, the market is hot right now and many brands are suffering purely because they can't get the bikes into the country, either the factory can't make them fast enough, or they simply can't ship them fast enough.

We will continue to digest the figures and update this story if we see anything of note.