May 23, 2022

Mosko Moto Nomax Tank Bag | First Look

Mosko Moto Nomax Tank Bag | First Look

Mosko Moto is an American brand of motorcycle luggage with a unique sales model. everything is sold online from one of 2 international distribution points, meaning you won't see them in your local motorcycle store. Though don't let that discourage you from trying their products. They sent us a couple of their products to test out and share our thoughts on.

First up is the Nomax tank bag. This is the second generation of tank bag from Mosko Moto, the first being the Nomad. At first glance, it's easy to see they have put a lot of thought into their design. Instead of being one cavernous compartment, they have split it into a Rolodex style arrangement with different layers, where everything has its own compartment. There are 4 main pockets, starting with the outer "beaver tail" with room for pens, wallet, keys, etc, and anything else you need to access quickly. Next is a zip-up compartment for mid-sized items. 3rd is the largest zip-up compartment, and finally, the 4th full-size compartment which is made for the included 2L hydration bladder. There is also a few smaller compartments for things like the included waterproof poncho, a soft compartment for things like sunglasses, and a tiny compartment at the bottom big enough for batteries or a lighter.

Having the hydration bladder in the tank bag instead of on your back has both positives and negatives. The main positive being, that's a lot of weight that the bike is carrying instead of you. The negative is that it's more weight on the bike and quite high up on top of the tank.

This is the first tank bag I have used, and I was a little worried it wouldn't work well on the Tenere 700 due to the shape of the tank, and the bulbous fuel cap, but it actually works quite nicely. With a strap around the headstock of the bike and one, each going from the bottom corners of the bag down to the crash bars. It's solid and doesn't move around at all. The backing is also a padded kind of foam, so it's unlikely to damage the paint on the tank.

The Rolodex style arrangement I mentioned means everything has its place, and is easy to find. This satisfies my OCD quite nicely. I've taken to storing my GoPro and Insta360 cameras in here, with room for all of my accessories and battery banks, as well as my charging cable for my phone and aux power cable USB adapter. There's loads of room in the pack for anything else I might wish to carry and access while on a ride.

I mentioned it's clear there has been a lot of thought gone into the design, and that is evident by another feature, hidden away in the back most pocket, there are 2 shoulder straps, meaning if you're taking it off the bike to walk somewhere, for example, you can turn the Nomax tank bag into a backpack.

I've had the Nomax tank bag on the bike now for about a week, and I'm starting to really like it. It's small enough to not really get in the way while riding, though when standing you can feel it's there. I really like the look of the bag, and there are loads of options for adding extra kit using the Molle system incorporated in the "Beavertail" on top. I probably don't use the Nomax to its full ability at present as I'm used to just putting things in the pockets of my riding gear, but not all my gear has pockets, and I can imagine riding in summer when I'm wearing lighter gear with fewer pockets, then it will become a lot handier.

So, that's my first look at the Mosko Moto Nomax Tank Bag, if you have any questions, please fire them at me in the comments of the Youtube video up on the MotoNZ channel, and ill answer them as best I can.