August 29, 2022

Mosko Moto Nomax Tank Bag | 6 Month Review

Mosko Moto Nomax Tank Bag | 6 Month Review

The Nomax tank bag is the second generation of tank bag from Mosko Moto, the first being the Nomad. At first glance, it's easy to see they have put a lot of thought into their design. Instead of being one cavernous compartment, they have split it into a Rolodex style arrangement with different layers, where everything has its own compartment. There are 4 main pockets, starting with the outer "beaver tail" with room for pens, wallet, keys, etc, and anything else you need to access quickly. Next is a zip-up compartment for mid-sized items. 3rd is the largest zip-up compartment, and finally, the 4th full-size compartment which is made for the included 2L hydration bladder. There is also a few smaller compartments for things like the included waterproof poncho, a soft compartment for things like sunglasses, and a tiny compartment at the bottom big enough for batteries or a lighter.

Ive been riding with the Mosko Moto Nomax tank bag for around 6 months now, and I have some thoughts. Firstly, having the Nomax on my tank is so much better than carrying all that stuff in panniers, a tail bag or in my backpack. You know those moments when you have put your jacket on, adjusted it, don't up the zips, then your bag is on your back. and THEN you realise you need something from your bag... ugh, no annoying. having those things stored in a bag in front of you a much less annoying, because all you need to do it remove a glove and open the zip. I like having a place for everything and everything in its place. I have been using the Nomax for carrying my electrical stuff like battery bank, extra GoPros and accessories, my wallet and keys, as well as riding snacks.
Secondly, I look the looks of it. I think the designers have nailed the aesthetic. I got the blue and black model, and I love how under stated it is. Sleek and stylish. It works with any motorcycle's colour scheme, and i reckon is it can fit on the T7 tank, it can fit on any bikes tank.

What I don't like:
There a couple of things I don't like about the Nomax.
1, I cant use it while proper off road hard adventure riding, as it gets in the way when standing up. I find it rubbing against my upper highs, making it difficult to get my weight forward enough. I'm not sure how one would remedy this. I still think keeping the weight forward over the tank is better than a tail bag, and the things in the bag are more secure, but the placement is not ideal.
2, I wish they had made the zips waterproof, instead of including a rain cover. The rain cover is fine, and insulates from the wet pretty well, but its just another thing to do if you're riding into some inclement weather. If the pack had been made waterproof from the beginning then there would be no need for an outer weather shield.

Otherwise, the Mosko Moto tank mag is a winner. Ive not bothered converting it into a backpack, but the option is there with the included shoulder straps. and there are many other features I've not addressed here, mainly because there are so many features on this pack that one in unlikely to need them all. But on the whole, I don't think any rider would be disappointed with their purchase.
The Mosko Moto Nomax tank bag currently retails around the NZ$265 mark from and shipped from the European distribution centre.