October 18, 2021

Tested | Macna Exile Gloves

Tested | Macna Exile Gloves

Back at the start of winter, I was faced with 2 options. Either get better gloves or get heated grips. I expected I would end up needing both. I'm used to riding in MotoX gloves all year round, but my old Thor gloves were so worn out, I thought maybe it was time to bite the bullet.

I contacted the team at Forbes and Davies, NZ importers and distributors of the brand Macna, and they suggested I give the Exile gloves a crack. they sent them down, and instantly I felt 2 things. pure enjoyment as my hands being caressed in such soft and comfortable material and instant terror as I couldn't feel anything through the gloves. I wasn't used to such thick gloves and struggled to feel the bike controls.

This lack of feeling wasn't down to the gloves, but more the fact I was used to practically nothing between my fingers and the bike controls. I persevered, as I was committed to testing these Macna Exile gloves out to the fullest extent. and to my relief, after about a week, I was starting to get used to them.

The Macna Exile Gloves are made out of goat leather, with a soft nylon fleece lining inside. They have velcro around the upper cuff, which you tend to set and forget, inside or outside your jacket cuff. Then a smaller velcro strap for holding them on around your wrist. They fit snugly and are infinitely adjustable. They proudly boast about their waterproofing on a tag down the side, and they have a single rubber water dispersing squeegee thing down each index finger. They also brag about their "touch tip" allowing the wearer to control a smartphone while wearing them... This lasted for about a day... I don't know why, but my phone simply won't register my finger while wearing the gloves anymore. I can however gladly report, the waterproofing claim has been perfectly accurate, my hands have been warm and dry even on the wettest of winter commutes.

They're predominantly black, but with fluro yellow accents, which I'm a bit of a sucker for. I think they look brilliant. and they're comfortable AF. after about the 2-week mark, I tried on my old MX gloves for a quick ride around the block and found they felt foreign and weird, so my hands had apparently become used to these new thicker gloves.

I tell you what though, they're good. The Macna Exile gloves have been an absolute joy to wear during winter, and have negated the need for heated grips altogether. They do everything they claim, with the exception of the touch tip and I fear my hands may be becoming soft. If you are after some decent winter-weight gloves, I can happily recommend the Macna Exile gloves.