January 5, 2022

Let's get Casual | Macna Casual Riding Gear.

Let's get Casual | Macna Casual Riding Gear.

Remember the good old days, when your prefrontal cortex wasn't as developed as it is now...
The prefrontal cortex contributes to a wide variety of executive functions, including Focusing one's attention. Predicting the consequences of one's actions; anticipating events in the environment. Impulse control; managing emotional reactions.

So you could ride in shorts and t-shirt without a care in the world. Certainly not thinking about the possible skin grafts, broken bones, or gravel rash that may occur should you miss judge a corner.

These days, I firmly subscribe to the ATGATT mantra. All the gear, all the time.
But, so often all the gear, is hot, stuffy, restrictive, Surely there is something light, breathable, and fashionably to wear on those hot summer days?

Well... there is...

Introducing the Macna Casual Riding look.
Macna Westcoast Forest Jacket - https://bit.ly/3GizURe
Macna Stone Ride Jeans - https://bit.ly/3DsJuPX

Picture this, it's boxing day, 28 degrees, sunny, and not a breath of wind.  the only way to cool down is to create your own wind... ei. go for a ride.
I'm a believer in ATGATT, All the gear, All the time. So when I discovered Macna's range of casual riding gear, I was stoked.
Something stylish, breathable, yet still offers good protection.

I went for a pair of Macna Stone Blue jeans, and a Macna Westcoast Forest Jacket. it's not really what I would call a jacket, more a long-sleeved, hooded bush shirt.

The jeans have zipped pockets on the outside of the knees and come with armor to put in there. There is also pockets for hip protectors. other than that, they're normal jeans. but with Kevlar woven in for strength.
The Jacket has shoulder, back and elbow protection, has a main zip up the front and a gusset (is that what you call it?) fastened by domes. the Hood is removable, but I kept it on for looks. I'm vain like that.

For a summer riding day, this stuff is amazing. I'm not sure what else I can say, the light airy feeling of freedom was amazing. I enjoy wearing this gear, and will happily chuck it on for a trip around the block, or a hike into town. it's a brilliant alternative to textile riding gear.