May 9, 2022

Insta360 One R & RS

Insta360 One R & RS

The Insta360 One R and the slightly newer model RS is possibly our most used item for capturing motorcycling footage on the go.

This is a modular action camera, consisting of 3 main parts, the battery, the control unit, and the lenses. These are interchangeable, meaning you can use the 4K GoPro style lense or swap it out for the 360 lense, which makes seeing everything so easy.
It's seriously a cool bit of kit.

I Picked up the Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition bundle, which comes with one control mod, a battery, and both the 4k (GoPro style) Mod, and a 360 mod. A Mod is what Insta360 calls the lense module. As an action Cam, the Insta360 is right up there with GoPro's Hero 10, being able to shoot 4k at 60FPS. It shoots in wide-angle and linear, but the bonus it shoots everything all the time, and you choose what angle you want later in the app.
Swapping out the 4K lense for the 360 lense, it's a similar story, it doesn't really matter which way the camera is pointing, because it films in 360 all the time. later in the app you can choose where to look, and even lock don't to a target that is moving all over the place. the result is buttery smooth footage where you wouldn't know it was shot on a 360 camera. you can also output all footage in full 360 for the viewer on the likes of YouTube to move around the viewing angle while watching.

The inbuilt image stabilization is quite impressive, and with the 360 lense installed, the camera's horizon leveling is quite impressive. I've filmed some rides on gravel and dirt surfaces with the camera attached to the bar of the bike, and while I'm being shaken to hell, the footage comes out beautifully smooth.

The mobile app is one place where some have a bit of a complaint through the app is jam-packed with features, some people would still prefer the quicker workflow of filming than uploading to their computer for editing. using the 360 mod does mean you first need to put the footage through either the desktop or mobile app for what I like to call Keyframing. This will allow you to output video files to MP4 format, then import them to your chosen editing software. One extra step, but the work pays off when you get some stunning-looking footage. I mentioned features in the app, and some of these are just amazing. From colour correction and de-noise, to speed ramping, snapshot capturing, and way more.

There is way more this camera is capable of, more than I can put into words. If you are an aspiring content creator, or you like to ride and have something to take how and show your mates, the Insta360 One RS will not disappoint. I've used GoPro cameras for years, and still use a Hero 9, but this Insta360 was a complete revelation, I love the footage it captures, and because of this, it has become my go-to for capturing all the action on every single ride. For examples of what you can do with this camera, just look at the reels on the @T7Adventures Instagram account.

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