January 23, 2023

I'm done with mods - The Tenere 700 is complete!

I'm done with mods - The Tenere 700 is complete!

OK, that was blatant clickbait, it's almost complete...

Since purchasing the Yamaha Tenere 700 in November 2020, I've kind of gone to town with the modifications, most of them are functional, some double as aesthetic improvements... annnnd... I'm pretty much done... almost.

The mod list so far is as follows:
Outback Motortek Crash bars and skid plate
Mitas E07+ Tyres
Quadlock Phone Mount w/wireless charging head
Ventura Evo rack
Kriega OS-Base and OS-12 panniers
Kriega US-20 Pack
MoskoMoto tank bag
Kouba Lowering Links
Yamaha Factory Low Seat
Apple Airtag
Brembo Brake pads (is this even a mod?)
High mount exhaust

It's difficult to write a mod list that includes things that are optional, such as the Kriega packs. sometimes I do a trip with no luggage. sometimes I use the Ventura tail packs. and sometimes I use the US-20 without the OS-12's, but you have to pack for the ride. and not every ride is the same. Recently, I rode down south to tackle the Molesworth and Rainbow roads again, and on that trip, I had the Kriega OS-12s strapped to the crash bars, full of bike tools. spare tubes and gear like that.
The MoskoMoto Nomad tank bag on the tank, full of camera gear. The Kriega US-20 was on the Ventura rack at the back, with clothes and stuff. And I had the Kriega T18 backpack with my iPad and water in it.

The new brake pads are brilliant, and with new fluid, the bike went from sub-par braking performance to better than average. Ive still ridden bikes with much better braking, but this was definitely an improvement. Maybe next on the list will be some new rotors.

Only now, after more than 2 years of riding am I starting to get confident enough and fast enough on the bike to notice the suspension is slightly sup-standard. So a suspension upgrade could be on the cards in the next 18 months. Though for now, I'm sure the fork could benefit from an oil change.
A lot has been said about how the factory suspension is lacking on the Yamaha Tenere 700. It's fine on the open road, and around town, but once you get into some tough stuff, or not even tough, but somewhere like a gravel road with some corrugations or potholes, you need to slow down so as not to overwhelm the fork and rear shock. Riding down a river bed recently, it really starts to wallow around and slow me down. That and it's sprung for a light rider, and I'm... well... not light, and once you get some luggage on the bike it's well over-weight.

I'm currently preparing for a bigger South Island trip, I'll be riding the best part of 1500km solo. all the way down to Invercargill, and back via gravel roads. It's going to be a mammoth trip, and ill report back after that.