November 29, 2021

Fri Concepts Tyre Repair Kit

Fri Concepts Tyre Repair Kit

It doesn't matter if you're going around the corner, or a 5-day trek, if you get a flat, you're going to kick yourself for not having a repair kit. The Fri Concepts tyre repair kit has all you need to get back on the road. Available from for more info click HERE

This was another item we decided was a good idea to grab before we headed off on our 3 day Molesworth station trip, with the Suzuki VStrom 1050XT and the Harley-Davidson Pan America, both with tubeless tyres.

The FRI Concepts kit comes in a round fold-out pouch, about the size of a can of beer. It's small enough to fit in most packs or under the seat on some bikes.

3x Co2 canisters
1x Air tap
1x Flex valve stem
5x bacon strips
1x Puller tool
1x Ream tool
1x Metal canister/tool handle