November 22, 2021

Dragon Stone Tyre Repair Kit

Dragon Stone Tyre Repair Kit

Any piece of kit like this is the sort of thing that if you have with you, you will never need. But as soon as you take it out of your pack, you're going to get a flat within 100km.
Leading up to our recent trip down the Molesworth station road over labor weekend with the Suzuki VStrom 1050XT and the Harley-Davidson Pan America, we decided it was prudent we were ready for any eventuality. And because both bikes were equipped with fancy tubeless spoked rims and tyres, We thought a patch kit would be a better idea than spare tubes.

Available from your local bike shop, ask for it by name. Or for more info, check it out on the Eurobike Wholesale website - HERE

The Dragon Stone kit comes in a zip-up/fold-out pouch which has a loop on the back for attaching to your belt or the outside of your luggage to make it easy to find when you need it.

3x Co2 canisters
1x Air tap
1x Flex valve stem
5x bacon strips
1x Puller tool
1x Ream tool
1x Rubber Glue
Assorted patches
1x File tool