March 9, 2023

Cardo Packtalk Custom Announced

Cardo Packtalk Custom Announced

Cardo has lead the way with helmet-mounted Bluetooth intercoms for a long time, but the one thing most people have said is that they're quite expensive.

Cardo has tried to combat that, releasing the new Packtalk Edge, then the cheaper Neo. Now they have introduced the Packtalk Custom, which is essentially the Packtalk Neo with a subscription service.

The big difference between the Packtalk Edge and the Neo, was the wiring loom, where the Packtalk Edge has a mounting plate with connectors, the Neo requires the loom to be plugged in via the USB-C connection.
The Packtalk Custom unit itself looks the same as the Packtalk Neo/Edge models, sharing the Neo's plug-in loom design, but has basic functionality. The user can then choose between 3 subscription levels, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, depending on the level of features they require.

*Note: Prices shown are in USD

These are the same features we have come to expect from a Cardo unit, but interestingly, even though Cardo claimed the units were waterproof, when the Edge and Neo were released, they didn't claim IP67 rated waterproofing. This new Packtalk Custom unit does however claim IP67.

It's also good to see that all the usual mounting gear is included in the box.

It's truly great to see a company like Cardo, leading the way and not afraid to innovate. They're listening to their customers, and working to offer a cheaper solution. Sure, fi you end up using the high-end features more often then you're likely to spend more, but you really do have the opportunity now to pick the right level for your needs.

NZ pricing is yet to be announced, but you can bet your bottom dollar as soon as we have it you will know.