November 13, 2022

"I had to lay it down" we call BS Bravo Revzilla!

"I had to lay it down" we call BS Bravo Revzilla!

Nothing gets my goat more than seeing on social media, people who have crashed their motorcycles, and are blaming everything and everyone but themselves.

"I had to lay it down"
"There was gravel on the road, NZTA should have swept it"

Both of these statements are equally bullshit.

Well done Ari Henning and Revzilla for making this video and calling out this absolute shite.

There is a list as long as my harm of bullshit statements that rattle around the tin can that is motorcycleing-related social media.
Another one is "Loud pipes save lives"
This one has been disproven time and time again... Sure, you have a motorcycle and like a loud pipe. but don't try and dress it up as a "safety device"

"I don't trust ABS, I can outbreak it any time"
Yeah, sure. I'd like to see that bud.
Instructors and professionals have proven that although not perfect, ABS is good in most/the right circumstances. It is unlikely you can actually outbreak it. Unless you're on a road bike, with ABS, and riding on gravel or mud... it's unlikely you have better reaction time, and a stronger feel through your brake lever and fingers to actually do a better job...

It is refreshing to see some in the media, telling it like it is, and not afraid to call out BS when they hear it.

SO, let's stop blaming everyone and everything else, and get used to saying "I made a mistake"