September 5, 2023

Blacked Out Royal Enfield 650s On The Way

Blacked Out Royal Enfield 650s On The Way

If you've looked at Royal Enfield's Interceptor and Continental GT and thought "I want to paint it black", you’re in luck with Royal Enfield confirming two new blacked-out models are on the way to dealers.

In what appears to be a mid-life update to the oldest 650cc machines in the current lineup, Royal Enfield is blacking out the engines and exhausts on the Interceptor and Continental GT along with a range of upgrades to bring the bikes closer to the spec of the Super Meteor 650.

That means the premium feeling switch blocks and LED headlight from the Super Meteor make their way over to the Interceptor and Continental GT, while the bikes also gain cast alloy wheels with tubeless tyres as part of the blacked-out build.

Additionally, Royal Enfield has also added a USB port to both bikes to aid in charging devices on the go.

Both the Continental GT and Interceptor 650 will be offered in two new dark colourways as part of the update, with the Apex Grey and Slipstream Blue for the Continental GT and Black Ray and Barcelona Blue for the Interceptor.

Currently, we have no word yet on whether the standard examples of the Continental GT and Interceptor will gain the new LED headlight, switchgear and USB port at this stage.

Royal Enfield New Zealand has opened pre-orders with pricing for the Interceptor coming in at $11,790 while the updated Continental GT will retail at $11,890.