February 19, 2024

Beeline Moto II revealed - Now live on Kickstarter

Beeline Moto II revealed - Now live on Kickstarter

For the past few years, we have been running the Beeline Moto on the bars of whatever bike we ride.
It is small, easy to use, and pairs with your phone for turn-by-turn navigation or tracking where you have been.

Because it's small, it goes on 99.9% of motorcycles and does not get in the way. and it means you don't have to risk your expensive smartphone on the bars of your bike in all weather.

Now Beeline has announced they have a new model in the works, the Moto II, and it's live now on Kickstarter.
Features of the new model include a USB-C for charging, a bigger battery with 14-hour battery life, glove-friendly rocker buttons, a bigger and higher resolution screen, and the list goes on.

This story has not been sponsored, we genuinely like the product, and so are sharing this information with you by choice.

The new model will be available in 3 variants

If you want to know more or support Beeline on their Kickstarter, follow this link and check it out.
As soon as we see the new model in person, you can expect a review here and on our YouTube channel.