November 8, 2022

Another rider gone and taken far too soon.

Another rider gone and taken far too soon.

Motorcycling is a dangerous passion. We all know that.
Anyone who slings a leg over their motorcycle without the thought that this could be their last time is just cruising for a bruising... literally.
But it all becomes real when someone you know, a friend or family member does eventually take their last ride.

This is something I am grappling with today. I heard about a fatal car Vs motorcycle crash yesterday, and thought, geeezzzz that sucks... but today, I learned that rider who passed away, was Dok from Motorazzi. Someone I have spoken to every few days for the past 6 months, as I create content on the long-term Beta RR 430.

I have spoken to Dok on Kiwi Rider Podcast. When I experienced issues with the Beta following its 10-hour service, Dok came all the way out to my house in Upper Hutt with a new battery in an attempt to sort the issue.

Dok was a talented rider and a happy-go-lucky chap with a positive and energetic outlook on life. Although I knew him and spoke to him regularly, I never worked directly with him or ride with him. So my heart goes out to his family, friends, and colleagues at Motorazzi.

Dok, you were a fantastic bloke, and I am privileged to have known you. Thanks for all your help. I can only hope your passing was painless, and you are now free to blast around on two wheels to your heart's content.

Miss you mate.