April 5, 2022

Winter Prep for all year round riders

Winter Prep for all year round riders

So, you're a hardy soul who rides all year round?
We sent a few emails to the local NZ motorcycle parts and gear distributors asking for ideas on gear and products to look after ourselves and bikes over winter, and this is what they came back with.

You can have the best gear in the world, but it can still leak in the worst places, and arriving at your destination looking like you have pee'd yourself is no fun.
The guys at MotoGear.co.nz suggest you chuck on a set of Scott Ergonomic DP Rain Gear over top of your standard riding gear. It's an external layer of waterproofing and works to keep the wind off you also, effectively adding an extra layer of thermal insulation

Scott Ergonomic DP Rain Gear

If your gear is leather, then it does require a little extra care. Rev'it does a Leather cleaner and conditioner. If you wear textile then they do a cleaner especially for you also.

Waterproof gloves will do a lot for your hands. It can be rather difficult operating motorcycle controls with numb hands, so this would be the first thing I would suggest, but as a second measure, you could go for some heated gloves or heated grips. Suggestions from MotoGear.co.nz include FIVE HG1 pictured below.


Helmets - The first thing to do is make sure the visor has a good seal to keep out the rain, if it's leaking, talk to your local bike shop and see if you can get new parts for it. Helmet visors are also notorious for fogging up in damp and cold conditions, this can be dangerous as it impeeds your visibility. Most helmets these days come with the ability to add a Pinlock, which is an extra layer of plastic with a silicone sealing bead on the inside of your visor. In my experience, these are pretty effective at keeping your visor clear.

You could also try a water dispersant like IPONE's rain-off spray which will help water bead off your visor.

Next up, is the bike. Protecting your bike through all that rain should be pretty high on your priority list.
Muc-Off does a whole suite of products to help here, from chain lubes specially formulated to work best in wet wintery conditions, to bike protectant sprays, but they are by no means the only option.

There are a few products you can use to build up a barrier on your bike against harsh conditions. They effectively form a coating helping stop oxidation and rust, and in some cases make cleaning next time easier too. Muc-Off HCB-1, Muc-Off Motorcycle Protectant, Scott Oiler FS 365 and IPONE Plastic Shine and Protect all work in a similar way to keep your bike looking great, protected from the elements.

Don't forget your chain maintenance.
Cleaning your chain can be more important due to the extra crap picked up in the wet. The team at Forbes and Davies suggest Muc-Off's Powersports Drivetrain Cleaner for cleaning your chain, It efficiently removes filthy chain oil and wax residue with ease, helping to prolong the life of your chain. With a premium biodegradable formula that’s kind to the planet, but unforgiving on dirty contaminants.

Chain Lube
Some people use the same chain lube all year round, but Muc-Off suggests for the wet conditions, switching to their Wet Chain Lube is a good idea. Developed by Muc-Off’s team of in-house boffins to provide maximum protection, no matter what mother nature can throw at your chain. The polymer formula penetrates deep to reduce wear and friction in even the harshest of conditions. They go on to say a non-drying hydrophobic lubricant film sticks to every link even during a long, rain-soaked ride.

So, there are some ideas and products to help you. most of these I keep in stock in my own shed for just such an occasion. If we missed anything let us know!