January 26, 2022

21,000km update - Scottoiler

21,000km update - Scottoiler

I've now done 21,000km on my Tenere 700 with the Scottoiler X-System 2.0 installed, and it's time for an update.
Remembering I did 40,000km on my first MT07 with basically the same setup, and manual chain maintenance, and 20,000km on my second MT07, again with manual chain maintenance.

First thing is, I have really not missed having to clean and oil my chain manually. I'm noticing less chain maintenance all around. I don't need to tighten my chain as much either. these are all wins. Though I have noticed my front sprocket getting a bit noisy, however, I suspect this to be a side effect of the extra power the full-fat CP2 engine in the T7 has over my old LAMS and slightly neutered MT07s.

Upon removing the front sprocket cover, I can see substantially less chain lube, grit, and goo in and around the area. When I took the front sprocket cover off the MT07s, I had to soak it in degreaser then use a flat head screwdriver to chisel out as much gunk as possible. Both bikes were absolutely full of the stuff.
The Tenere 700 with the Scottoiler, has a little as you can see in the picture, but nowhere near as much after the same amount of kilometers.

To date after a little over a year, and 21,000km, I've only used about 300ml of a 500ml bottle of Scottoiler chain lube. And although it's taken me a little bit to work out my flow rates, I'm pretty happy with that.

I've worked out for my usual daily commute, I'm right down on flow rate 3. This provides my chain with enough lube, but less oil flinging off.
When I'm on a road trip that includes gravel, then this gets bumped up to around 7, but I do get noticeably more oil sling off.

It's a win for the Scottoiler X-System 2.0 for sure.
If you haven't seen my previous story including the video talking about instillation, check that out HERE

More info to come, as I work towards a new chain and sprockets.