November 17, 2021

Ducati Unveils New 2022 Streetfighter V2 and Streetfighter V4 SP | NZ Pricing Confirmed

Ducati Unveils New 2022 Streetfighter V2 and Streetfighter V4 SP | NZ Pricing Confirmed

This story is ported from - Written by Mathieu Day-Gillett

Ducati has pulled the covers off its new 2022 Streetfighter models, which are due to land here in New Zealand from February next year.

The two new models enter the Ducati range on either side of the Streetfighter V4 and are priced from $23,495. The entry-level Ducati Streetfighter V2 is expected in dealers from February, while the Streetfighter V4 SP – due in May – ups the ante A LOT with a suggested retail price of $50,595.

That said, while it is the entry-level model for the Streetfighter family the Streetfighter V2 is by no means a slouch.  Weighing in at 178kg dry, the. Streetfighter V2 is powered by Ducati's 955cc Superquadro V-twin and pumps out a healthy 153 hp which is kept in control by a latest-generation electronic package.

Compared to the Panigale V2, the Streetfighter V2 project has a shorter final ratio (15/45 vs 15/43) which guarantees greater torque to the wheel at road speeds while giving better engine responsiveness when re-opening the throttle.

The new Streetfighter V4 SP will enter the market at the other end of the Streetfighter spectrum and will be the new top of the line model in the lineup. Fitted with an exclusive livery, equipment sourced from Ducati's awesome Superleggera V4 and tipping the scales at 196kg ready to go, the SP on paper seems worth its premium price tag.

Visually setting the SP apart from the base Streetfighter V4 is the minimalistic “Winter Test” livery, which was inspired by those ridden in the MotoGP and SBK Championships pre-season tests by Ducati Corse riders.

Helping the SP tip the scales lighter than the base V4 is thanks to new lightweight wheels. The new wheels are made of high-strength carbon fibre and feature aluminium hubs screwed to the composite structure. Both allow a weight saving of 1.4 kg compared to the forged aluminium wheels of the Streetfighter V4 S.

At the heart of the Streetfighter SP is Ducati's hot V4, the 1,103 cc Desmosedici Stradale. Power is claimed at 208 hp which is backed by 123 Nm of torque in Euro5 trim.

For the Streetfighter V4 SP the Desmosedici Stradale is fitted with the STM-EVO SBK dry clutch, which Ducati says guarantees a better anti-hopping function and greater fluidity during all “off-throttle” stages, a crucial aspect to be truly effective on the track when pushing to the limit.

Pinched from the Superleggera V4 are premium adjustable aluminum and CNC machined footpegs, the carbon front mudguard, the lithium-ion battery and a range of accessories suitable for the “track days”, such as the open carbon clutch cover and the caps for removing the license plate holder.

The SP model shares its suspension with the Streetfighter V4 S version. That means an Öhlins NIX-30 fork and Öhlins TTX36 rear shock absorber, plus an Öhlins steering damper controlled by the second generation Öhlins Smart EC 2.0 system. Unlike the S version, the new machine has the same Panigale V4 springs and hydraulics.