October 18, 2021

Tested | 1Tonne Apex Adventure Suit | 1 Month Update

Tested | 1Tonne Apex Adventure Suit | 1 Month Update

In mid-September2021, I got in touch with Nathan at 1Tonne, keen to find out a little more about the 1 Tonne brand and the gear they sell. Nathan agreed to send me a set of the Apex Adventure/Touring gear for testing. That is Jacket and Pants.

Upon receiving the package, I was actually very impressed.
The jacket is a 3 layer design, consisting of a thermal layer, rain layer, and outer shell. The jacket has elbow, shoulder, and upper back protection, as well as vents and pockets. Pretty much what you would expect. But it is obvious great thought and attention to detail have gone into the design of this jacket. The gusset of the outer shell is fastened by magnets, which do a very good job of keeping everything weather tight. the pockets are also fastened by magnets making them very easy to get into with gloves on.

Some 3 layer jackets can feel bulky and uncomfortable, but the Apex Adventure jacket bucks that trend and is incredibly comfortable.
Likewise, the pants, are a 3 layer design, with thermal, waterproofing, and outer shell. They have pockets on the upper thigh, fastened by zips, very handy for keys and phone. Then also cargo pockets on the outer thigh, fastened by magnets. Great for wallet, and other essentials. These pants are actually the most comfortable motorcycle pants I have had the pleasure of wearing to date. With plenty of room to move, and they don't seem to restrict movement when things start to warm up.

When I mention both the jacket and pants are a 3 layer design, I should also note that the outer shell can be worn sans thermal and/or waterproof layer. Many gear manufacturers proudly state that you can remove the thermal or waterproof layers and wear them on their own as a "stylish casual jacket", though, in my experience, you just wouldn't. It's like, yeah you could learn to cook a 5-course degustation dinner, but you just wouldn't. You could sign up for SKY tv, but why would you when you can just stream it online. I'm going down a rabbit hole here, the point being, the internal layers of your riding gear could be worn on their own, but you would have random ties and buttons flapping around, and it would just be weird... Not so with the 1 Tonne Apex gear. I took the thermal layer out of my jacket and was amazed to find little velcro sealed pockets to hide the ties in, and once all tidied up, it looked just like a standard bomber-style jacket. Just one more reason I am amazed at this gear. Literally the first time I have removed an inner layer from a motorcycle jacket, and thought, yes, I could and would wear that on its own.

I have been very impressed with the waterproofing of the 1Tonne Apex gear. Generally when things say "Waterproof" my reaction is "I'll believe that when I see it." But having worn the Apex suit for the past month in all-weather commuting, I have not missed for one second, the familiar feeling of a cold wet trickle of water down my back, or arriving at work looking like I pee'd myself. I can confirm the 1Tonne Apex gear has done a great job of keeping out the spring and early summer squalls. I've made it to work bone dry every single time.

How warm is warm? How do you know this suit will keep you warm? That's a hard question to answer, but what I can say is that anything from about -1 degrees up to 15 degrees, in all 3 layers while the bike is in motion, I have been perfectly warm enough. Though anything above around 13 degrees, when I stop I start to warm up and get a bit uncomfortable. Take out the thermal layer, and I was fine to ride in anything from around 10 degrees to about 20 degrees, but when stationary I started getting a bit warm in the high teens. I did find the air vents didn't do a whole lot when you have the thermal layer and the waterproof layer in the jacket. Midsummer, anything from 15 degrees and hotter, I would say you'll be fine with the shell only.

Looking at the sizing guide on the website, I was skeptical about its accuracy. I'm sure I haven't put on that much COVID lockdown weight. But I sheepishly ordered a 3XL Jacket. (Usually, I would only be an XL) and was surprised how well the gear fitted when it arrived. So I guess, just pay attention to the sizing guide, swallow your pride and you'll be fine.

Overall, my expectations of the 1Tonne Apex Adventure/Touring gear have been exceeded. This is excellent gear for the price... Heck, it's excellent gear in general.

I'm looking forward to my next big adventure down the Molesworth Station road, and many more kilometers beyond, protected from the elements as well as the possibility of an off. Thanks, Nathan and 1Tonne for the opportunity to test out this gear, and I look forward to bringing you updates throughout the next 12 or so months.