May 16, 2022

1Tonne Apex Adventure Gear | 9 Month Review

1Tonne Apex Adventure Gear | 9 Month Review

The last time we spoke about the 1Tonne Apex riding gear, I had been wearing it for about a month and was gearing up for a big road trip around the top of the south. Well, we went and did the massive road trip, I'm sure you have read or seen the video by now, so it probably isnt a spoiler to say we didnt get to ride the Molesworth. Regardless, it was a great trip, but thats not what youre here to read about now is it?
Since then it's been summer, the leaves turned brown and fell off and now the colder months are creaping in. I've spent a fair amount of time in the Apex Suit and these are my thoughts.

It's actually really good, for the cost of it there are loads of features, and the magnetic fastening is neat. I kind of wish the ents in both the chest and mid-thigh were easier top open or close, maybe even on the fly. but if you remember to open/close them before you take off theyre easy enough to deal with, and theyre massive so you get some good ventilation with them open.

Let me break my thoughts into some sort of order that makes sense.

The fit is great, and the gear is still very comfortable, though if you are looking to purchase this gear, follow the sizing chart on the 1tonne website. I'm in a 3XL jacket and 4XL pants, whereas I would usually only be in XL clothing.

During the depths of winter, the 3 layers work well together, I was riding through frost last year in the early mornings with no problems. As spring wore on and things warmed up, I found about 15 degrees was the warmest I wanted to ride in with all the layers installed. any warmer and although it was fine while riding when we stopped I was quickly overheating. Between 15 and 20 degrees, I could happily just wear the outer shell. or the outer shell and rain layer. Anything warmer than about 20 degrees was the outer shell layer only.

The gear is wearing well. there are no signs of wearing anything out as yet. The zips all function well, and the magnetic fastening is great, nice, and fast to put on or take off. though if you're riding a bike with a mental fuel tank you will find yourself sticking to it a little.

This is a tricky category to write about because in my experience, no gear is waterproof... and if it is... it won't be for long.
The Apex Suit lasted about 5 months before developing a leak in the crotch. It's not super bad, and most gear develops a leak in the same place, simply donning a waterproof outer layer would sort this issue.
Other than that, I'm happy enough to ride through a passing shower. the jacket is pretty good and keeping the rain out.

This is one area the 1Tonne Apex gear really excels. The pants have 2 sets of pockets (Cargo and lap), and the jacket has at least 2 sets of external pockets, plus a stack of internal pockets.
Both the jacket and pants have massive air vents in the front, meaning it's easy to get some good airflow if the weather gets hot.

Elbows, knees, shoulders, back. You get more in the Apex Adventure riding gear than many other brands. Its removable for when you want to wash the gear, and it stays in place as much as you would expect it to with layered riding gear.

So, thats it really. for the price, the 1Tonne Apex riding gear is really good. given the total cost of the jacket and pants is less than just the jacket of some leading name brands. Ive been warm and protected in most conditions and I'll happily wear the gear moving forward.

Check out if you are looking for some affordable gear, with a wide feature set.