November 15, 2021

Tested | 1 Tonne Apex Touring Suit | 3 Month Update

Tested | 1 Tonne Apex Touring Suit | 3 Month Update

Time for an update.

When I last wrote about my 1 Tonne Apex Adventure suit, I has done a fair bit of commuting and was about to embark on a 3 day trip down the Molesworth Station road. The weather has warmed up considerably, and I have since ditched the thermal layer in both the pants and jacket. Most days I'm even thinking about losing the waterproof layer, things are just getting too warm.

I completed the massive 800km journey over labour weekend around the top of the south, and I'm stoked to report back I was warm and try the whole time. Having waterproof gear you can trust and rely on really does remove the worry about getting caught out in the wet stuff. During the trip, temperatures ranged between 12 and 19 degrees, and with just the rain layer and the outer shell, I was fine apart from the addition of a long sleeve cotton top when temps got down below about 14 degrees.

I'm also stoked to report, I've not experienced any notable addition of weight when riding in the wet. some people have asked me if the gear gets heavy or restricts movement in the rain, but nope, it's absolutely fine.

I know this is sounding overly positive, but this 1Tonne gear really is the best gear I have tried in the whole time I have been riding.

There are some solid comparisons between this gear and high-end gear available today, but the 1Tonne gear does come in around $400-600 cheaper. and the quality is definitely right up there. I've not experienced any fraying or defects as yet. Remembering I am wearing this gear every single day.

So it's all positive and thumbs up from me. I'll report in again in another 3 months. By then it will be nearing the height of summer so we will really be able to test out the thermal ventilation.

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