September 29, 2021

10 things to do before you go for your next ride.

10 things to do before you go for your next ride.

It’s Spring, and that means it’s time to get out and ride that motorbike. It doesn’t matter if you are the sort of rider who only takes their pride and joy out on the sunniest of days, or an all-weather, all-year-round rider.

There are some basic checks you can do to ensure your next ride goes as well as it can.

10. Check your tyres.
We’re looking for cracks, nails, screws, making sure there is a good amount of tread, and there is no obvious damage to the tyre.

9. Tyre Pressure
While you’re checking your tyres, check your tyre pressures.

8. Chain Tension
Your motorcycle’s maintenance book will have how the manufacturer recommends to check the chain tension. If you don’t have it, google it.

7. WOF and Rego
It sounds silly, but it's easy to overlook the fact that your bikes rego expired 3 weeks ago, or possibly that the WOF needs renewing.

6. Lights
In New Zealand, it is mandatory to have a headlight on while riding, day or night. This does mean we have to replace our bulbs more often. If you only ride during the day, your headlight may have blown without you even knowing.

5. Check your gear.
If your riding jacket or pants has any rips, tears or holes, then it might be time to look at a new one.

4. Helmet
Helmets have a recommended life span, and if yours has had any knocks, dents or scrapes, its expected life span can be reduced.

3. Check your oil.
Some motorcycles have an eyeglass low down on the side of the engine, some have a dipstick.
If you don’t know, ask a mechanic or dealer. Or even just google it. It’s important.

2. Brakes
It’s a good idea to check your brakes. Visually inspect the discs and pads. If you’re up for it, remove the calliper, take out the pads and clean the brake dust out from the inside. Before you go for a ride, test the brakes.

1. Book in for a Ride Forever Course.
You don’t know what you don’t know. No one’s going to tell you everything you’re doing is wrong, it’s all about opening the lines of communication and exploring new ideas. Best case scenario, you learn something. Worse case, you have a day out riding with some like-minded people.
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